Self-Care, Part 2: Our Favourite Apps

In 2017, there were an incredible 2.8 million apps in existence. With so many apps to choose from, it’s become difficult to find the best. We’ve chosen 12 of our favourites to make life easier! I’ve included apps for day-to-day life; meeting goals and crossing that To-Do list off, brain training games and tracking how much you use social media and apps. There is a selection of apps for your physical health: food, exercise and hydration. There’s apps for your wellbeing, from yoga and mindfulness to sleeping better. And, lastly, I found apps that are just for fun - enjoy!

Apps for Daily Life

1) Habitica

Habitca is task-management app. After creating your avatar, you can input your habits, daily goals and add a To-Do list. When you check off tasks, you level up and unlock new features. The features include pets, armour, skills and quests. I found Habitca so useful as my To-Do lists never get completed. Doing the washing up or food shop is more fun when I get a new pet at the end!

2) Lumosity

Lumosity has over 40 brain training games. There are language, maths, puzzles, memory and critical thinking options. There are lots of apps to keep your mind active, and Lumosity is one of my favourites. The games are split up to improve different cognitive skills, processing speed, memory, problem solving, attention and flexibility of thinking. Lumosity can be an enjoyable escape too, if you need one.

3) RescueTime

Sometimes we end up spending hours on social media. That’s okay but switching off from phones can be good for our health and time too! RescueTime tracks how many hours you spend on different apps. I use RescueTime to see where I was spending all my time, and put time limits of those apps, you can do this through the Settings feature on some phones or set alarms.

Apps for Physical Health

4) Mealime

Mealime has loads of meal plans that can be tailored towards your goals, lifestyle and tastes. I use Mealime to reduce my stress, save money and eat healthier. Having recipes and food shopping lists all in one place saves so much time during the week.

5) Zombies, Run!

If you’re bored of your standard running apps, Zombies, Run! Is a fun and immersive way to run with. Your regular run will be running for your life in a post-apocalyptic world. I was scared into running faster!

6) Daily Water

Drinking enough water is so important for health, but it’s so easy to forget to hydrate when you’re busy. Drink Water is useful for setting a goal amount to drink, tracking how much you’re hydrating and setting reminders.

Apps for Wellbeing

7) Stop, Breathe & Think

Stop, Breathe & Think will allow you to choose guided meditation or yoga based on your emotion when you check in on the app. At the start you can get cute stickers when you complete meditations!

8) Moodpanda

Moodpanda is an interactive journal to track your mood. There is a supportive online community, but you can keep your journal private too.

9) Relax Melodies

Relax Melodies has loads of sounds and melodies to help you fall asleep. There are also guided meditations too. My favourite is the natural sounds, but there are loads to choose from.

10) Headspace

Headspace also has lots of guided meditations. There are also SOS sessions for when you feel panicky, anxious or stressed. There are animations to help you with mindfulness skills.

Apps to Brighten Your Day

11) Bubblewrap

The good old-fashioned stress relief, popping bubblewrap! This app is available for iPhone, and alternatives are available on Android.

12) Paperama

A digital origami game. You can create origami figures and watch them come to life! It has 3D effects, a soundtrack and loads of puzzles. I love Paperama!

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