Cover Your Tracks Online

You may not want other people to know that you've been searching for information or help from websites such as Yellow Door.

Browsing the internet leaves a history trail of pages that you have visited, and can be easy for someone to find.

Whilst it's very difficult to completely avoid being tracked online, there are steps you can take to help you cover your tracks. 

1) "Leave Site Now" Button

When you are on the Yellow Door website, the “Leave Site Now” button will always remain at the top of the page. If you’re worried of someone seeing you on this website, you can quickly press this button to be taken to the Google homepage.

But remember, there will still remain a record of your visit to the site in your browsing history.

2) Deleting your browsing history

To erase records of the websites you have visited, you can delete your browsing history. Find out how for instructions of these commonly used browsers:

3) Private browsing ("incognito")

By browsing the internet “incognitio”, your browser won’t store cookies or record your browsing history. This option is available for most web browsers:

4) Search toolbars

If you use a search toolbar in your web browser, remember that items you search for are frequently saved as part of your browsing history. Find out how to delete your searched items from the following search engines:

5) Securing Emails

Sending emails to organisations such as Yellow Door will also leave a trail. If you send an email to us and are concerned that someone might find out, make sure you erase the email that will be saved in your Sent items. Sometimes, this email might then end up in your Trash folder, so check this too to make sure this is permanently deleted.

Remember, if you started an email but didn’t finish it, it might be saved within your Drafts folder. Repeat this process to make sure it is deleted.

6) General Security

All of this information may not completely cover your tracks. If you are concerned about someone tracking your online activity, the safest way to find support and information on the internet will be by going to a local library, a friend’s house, or at work, where a potential abuser does not have access to the computer, tablet or phone you use.

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