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About the Helpline

**Due to COVID-19, our helpline timings have changed. We are offering support via our helpline MONDAY-FRIDAY 12PM-2PM**

Our helpline was our first service, established 33 years ago. Calls are taken by our trained and experienced staff and volunteers, who can offer non-judgemental and confidential support to anyone who has been affected by abuse.

It can be used as a safe space to talk if you have experienced sexual or domestic abuse, or perhaps are confused about an incident that has happened to you - whether recently or in the past. You are also welcome to call us to talk about concerns you might be having regarding someone else you know.

All callers have the right to remain anonymous if you chose to. In addition, we understand that you may wish to share sensitive information with us and we will treat it as such. This means that all calls will be kept confidential unless you tell us something that causes us to have immediate concerns for your safety or the safety of others.

Call us on:

023 8063 6313

Monday-Friday 12pm-2pm

If you are unable to call within these opening times, the helpline also offers call backs at other times during the week. To request a call back, you can leave a voicemail message on the helpline or by leaving us a message through our website.

Who can call the helpline?

Yellow Door's helpline is available to anyone affected by abuse and are living within the areas we work

These are just some of the reasons you might want to call our helpline:

  • you have experienced an unwanted sexual experience, whether recently or in the past

  • you have experienced domestic abuse or violence

  • you have experienced, or are at risk of, harmful cultural practices (i.e. forced marriage, FGM)

  • you are concerned that someone you know is experiencing abuse

  • you are supporting someone else who has experienced abuse

  • you are a professional working with someone affected by sexual or domestic abuse

  • you are on our waiting list for therapeutic services and would like some support whilst you wait

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