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Yellow Door offers support to adults, children, young people and families across Southampton, Western Hampshire and the Isle of Wight, aiming to prevent and relieve distress resulting from abuse and interpersonal harm through a range of services and interventions.

Yellow Door is still open during the Covid-19 pandemic. 

We are here to support you. Please watch this video for more information. 


Our helpline is available for adults and young people affected by sexual abuse as well as family members, friends and professionals every weekday, 12pm-2pm


Adult Therapeutic Services

This service offers face-to-face weekly counselling sessions to men and women who have at any time experienced sexual violence or abuse. Alongside this the following groups are provided:-


Emotional Coping Skills Group

A psycho-educational group offering skills development to those who may be struggling to manage strong feelings and emotions as a consequence of abusive experiences.


Safer Relationships Group

This therapeutic group is for women who have experienced domestic abuse and would like to explore ways of developing healthier and safer relationships.


‘Then and Now’ Group

This group has been developed for adults who experienced childhood sexual abuse seeking to explore their thoughts and feelings in a group setting.


Pattern Changing

A 12-week educational programme focused on recognising the impact of domestic abuse, understanding the categories of abuse, identifying and expressing feelings associated with fear, grief and guilt, applying assertiveness techniques, making decisions, setting goals and building healthy relationships. The objective of the course is to break the cycle of ongoing abusive relationships and promote participants to develop positive patterns of their own choosing


Pattern Changing for Young Women

A 6-week educational programme for women aged 16-19 years. Focused on recognising domestic abuse, building assertiveness techniques and managing feelings.

Creative Arts Group

Uses creative and art therapies to help young people who have experienced sexual

abuse explore feelings and develop healthier coping mechanisms.

Bright Stars

A psycho-educational group for young people who have experienced and/or witnessed domestic abuse that maintains a focus on managing emotions and staying safe in relationships.


Pyscho-Education Group

A short term young person’s intervention providing information on trauma and its

effects and ways to manage/cope with the impact.


Gender Identity Therapeutic Group

Our therapeutic group for young people aged 12 -18 who are struggling with Gender Dysphoria gives time and space to improving well-being, decreasing isolation and considering the options available to them in creative and interactive weekly sessions.


Safe, Talk, Thrive

A 10-week programme in primary schools for children and their non-abusing parent who have experienced domestic abuse. Both parent and child will engage with the ACES Recovery Toolkit for Adults and CYP.


Surestart Special

An 8-week programme for children aged 3-5 years and their Mothers/carer who have been exposed to domestic abuse.

Mothers complete You & Me, Mum course, a self-help programme which aims to empower, support and develop further understanding of the role of a mother, in addressing the needs of children and young people who have lived with domestic violence. The children will engage with group Thera-Play sessions with a qualified Play Therapist. During these sessions children will be encouraged to explore their feelings and communicate through play.

Family Therapy & Parenting Support

We work with families to increase awareness of risk and prevent repeat harm as well as manage the emotional impact of domestic or sexual abuse. In Family Therapy sessions or Parenting Support we work to develop shared understandings, strengthen communication and build trusting relationships.


Independent Sexual Violence Advisors (ISVA)

This service specialises in practical, non-judgemental and compassionate support for those engaging with the criminal justice system following experiences of assault. They work to ensure that service users receive the most appropriate help and support available throughout these processes.


The STAR Project

An award winning Healthy Relationships education programme delivered to all Southampton Secondary Schools, some primary schools and other youth/community settings tackling topics such as cyberbullying, sexting, sexual exploitation, on-line risk & substance misuse.

Diversity & Inclusion Advocacy Service

Offers tailored, needs-led help to those who may otherwise face language, communication, physical or financial barriers to accessing domestic or sexual abuse services.

PIPPA Helpline

Run in conjunction with the Independent Domestic Abuse Advocates as part of the Prevention, Intervention and Public Protection Alliance (PIPPA). Line is open five days a week acting as a single point of contact for the public and professionals, offering advice and information to improve safety as well as signposting to specialist support services.

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